Monday, July 13, 2009

Visit to Fruit Paradise@ Orchard Central

Decided to pop by this new mall along Orchard Rd yesterday for a look see yesterday.
Hmm, looks like a nice building to get lost in. Oh and let's not get to the number of escalators that are in this mall!
They are EVERYWHERE!! They also have ultra high express ones that get you between 4 floors in a jiffy. (but a pain if you happen to get on a wrong one and want to get off at some floor in between)
Anyways, one of the reasons for the visit was to try out Fruit Paradise, the japanese pie cafe which i had read about. Oooh, the pies in the display are really pretty and remind me much of the ones I had seen in japan. Yummy!!

Quite a few flavors to choose from...

Decided to go for the blueberry one as it had a custard filling. Some of the others were just filled with cream, lots of it! (eeeks :S)
Verdict: Yummy! The pie crust was good and crunchy. And the custard filling was good and the fruit toppings were fresh too. But if you hate cream... or on a major diet, hahaha, maybe you should try some place else. :P
And good place to rest your feet (its a plus if you get the seats at the further end coz there's the window view and more privacy.)