Monday, November 28, 2005

All a blur

Time is passing so fast that the days, weeks and months that have gone by are all a passing blur. Many places and events have come and gone by... Christmas is just round the corner.
I realised I haven't blogged for quite a while now. 24 hours dun seem enough for me!
Gee, so much to do, so little time....
My sister came and went back. (And hey, we didn't even take a pic together... see, now I have no pics to put up here!) It was fun having her back, even though it didn't seem very long. Now will have to wait another year before we next meet again.

Meanwhile, let me load up some pigtures of the 'Super Cute One' taken recently!

Along with me sis, came Hops n Yoyo too!
Here they are posing for a pigture with the '
Super Cute One'

Here she is
as 'Pot O'pig'! Looking cute as usual... (in a nice pot my sis got in Bangkok)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

2 months

Thursday marked 2 months of me and D being together. Funny though, it sure seems to feel way longer than that in some way. But what can I say, it has been a great 2 months! Of going places and enjoying each other's company. I sure do look foward to more great days together!

Went to Olive Ristorante@Labrador Park for dinner today.
Nice place, nice food and a good ambience.After dinner, took a walk around the park (its actually rather big!) as we both have not been there before.
There was a jetty there and we walked there to watch the uncles fishing and that brought thoughts of Trikora back to me. Miss that place...wonder when will we get to go there again.

~ The end of another day out, another Timepiece, into my treasure box