Thursday, July 13, 2006

Illustration Friday- Skyline

Here's one for this week's topic, Skyline.
coincidentally, this is from a job I was working on this week for a TV program's publicity promotion at a music event this coming weekend. This portion which I've chosen to show, is cropped from the promotional poster.
I changed the color for this one from the original, coz I actually liked this colour combination better than the one that the client picked out in the end.

Oh yummy...

Oh look! A new flavour of Kit Kat for summer... Fruit Parfait.
I haven't tried it yet... but it sure looks yummy! :P

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Question

Yesterday he popped the question!
And now, it all seems a blur. In fact, at that moment it didn't even register what he said. Or at least I didn't seem to hear anything! Just remember looking at him down on one knee, holding the ring with that earnest look on his face... he was saying something... I turned to see the people nearby looking...

Ha! I should have whipped out my handphone and snapped a shot of him before I said yes!
Damn, why dun my brains work in times like that! :P