Friday, October 28, 2005

Hello Sister!

The sis comes back from Melbourne for a visit here today! :) Yipee!!
Her flight might even be landing right now as I type!
Haven't seen her for slightly less than a year, so its a little exciting!
(The goodies in her luggage are probably as exciting! Hehheeh)

Something to look foward to tonight!

A Big Storm

Worked on resloving some issues today which I told my self I had to get about doing sooner or later. Its always been at the back of my head, bugging/haunting me subconciously I think.
And I am glad I did! So now, I have to start putting the other plans into action, one at a time, hoping they will all fall into place nicely.

It stormed tonight on my way home. Thunder, lightning, gusty winds and all that rain! Bbbrrrr...... Its been a long time since I've been caught outdoors with a storm like that. Weather like that just makes me wish I was at home, all cozy, nice and warm.

D came to the MRT station with a big brolly to accompany me home! Haha... silly.... but sweet! :P
Its nice to walk in the rain together (that is when you are under a BIG brolly!)

Monday, October 24, 2005

Trikora, Bintan

Back from a fabulous break on Bintan!
A trip that I was looking foward to very much and boy, did I enjoy every minute of our stay in the rustic resort. Wish the stay could have been longer though, but well, its a good experience and I hope that we'll be back there again some time. (Not forgetting that the trip was also part of D's birthday celebration too!)

This is probably the first time I have gone on a trip without any involvement in the planning. The only things we knew was that we were going on a trip to Bintan and what time we had to board the ferry and that was it!

Had many questions before the trip... Where were we staying at? How did the place look like? Facilities? Toilets? Water? Towels? Ha... all we were told was that the place was rustic. Hrm... That wasn't very helpful and we began thinking thoughts of small wooden huts along some deserted beach. Oh, would we be feeding the mosquitoes there then?

Anyways, Friday morning, we boarded the ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (after getting our tickets
that were pre-booked for us) and were on our way. It was pretty exciting not really knowing exactly which part of Bintan we were supposed to be putting up at. I just knew that someone called Iskandar would meet us there when we arrived. Ooh...exciting.... D said it was like being on Amazing Race. Haha!

Just as the ferry pulled into Tanjong Pinang Ferry Terminal I got an SMS from Iskandar. It said he was waiting for us at the terminal exit and he was in a yellow T-shirt... and our 'Amazing Race' continues to unfold...
Iskandar turned out to be a nice guy who spoke rather good english. He told us that a vehicle had been arranged for us to take us to our 'rustic stay'. Clue: The resort was in an area called Trikora. He also arranged our homeward bound tickets for us before walking us to our driver who would get us to our stay. What good service!

Now, here's a bit about driving and traffic on Bintan...
1. Only the rider on a motorbike needs a helmet
2. Motorbikes are the perfect transport for a family of 3 (1 helmet still!)
3. You may ride you bike on the center of the road with your family of 3 on it
4. You can get around without a side view mirror
5. There's no need to speed up when overtaking traffic on single lane roads (even if oncoming traffic is approaching ahead!)

After our eye-opening drive of about 45 minutes, passing severals famlies of 3 on their rickety motorbikes, rustic villages, tress and more trees and plots of empty lands, we arrive at our destination:
Trikora, Guridam Resort!
Lovely place! We were amazed when we were shown to small chalets that were built on high stilts out above the sea!

Roamed around the resort after lunch, played a few rounds of pool, then headed out and took a walk along the beach at evening time when the low tide was far out. It was real nice and peaceful to just stroll along together. Its so quiet that when you stopped and listened, you could hear the sounds of many small crabs digging in the damp sea bed! D thought that sound was creepy! heehee... When it started to get dark, we headed back for our BBQ dinner which we had ordered earlier. Yummy!!

Karen and co arrived with D's birthday cake! Birthday celebration in Bintan with cake from Singapore! Wow! How often do you get that?! After cake and chats, D found a fishing instructor a.k.a Jason and tried his hand at fishing. Patience paid off after one failed attempt and he did get a fish that night! But the poor fishy had to endure with some hard knocks though :S

The next morning, we went out to sea for more fishing and to take a look at an island opposite Trikora which we heard was rather nice! How exciting! I think I was the first to wake up as I wanted to catch the sunrise. It seemed like it was going to rain but luckily the clouds cleared up and the sun was soon beaming! So I grabbed the great chance for a quick tan outside the room before the rest of the bunch woke up for breakfast.

Breakfast was a quick one as we were all eager to set out on our boat trip. We piled all the equipment and people into the boat and were our way. The views were superbly breathtaking! The waters were clear and blue. We had to decide if we wanted to stop over on the beach or head out for fishing as there wasn't time for us to do both. :( We decided we'd try fishing after some thought so after leaving Karen and B off on the island (felt like they were some contestants on Survivor!!) we headed furthur out to sea to some good fishing spots to catch lunch.

Fishing was fun... Look at our catch...
Tried out several different fishing spots and soon it was time to head back to pick up the 'stranded ones'. I could not resist and had to take a fast dip into the clear blue water just as the boat pulled near the island.

After lunch, it was time for us to head back. I thought it was a great experience, although it felt a tad bit too short! Hope we'll be back again sometime!

Monday, October 17, 2005

D and me

Here's something I've been wanting to put up for a long time and have finally got about to doing it. Here's a drawing that D did for my birthday last month! :) I was pleasantly surprised by it. Its my com wallpaper now! Like it a lot...heh! Now... what should I do for his birthday....?? Its just a few days away! *Stress*

On Saturday, D and me went to Jay and Jean's wedding at Siglap. Its was a nice service. (I think they make a sweet couple!) Plus, I got to meet classmates and people that I've not seen for a long time!
After the wedding, we went shopping and look what we got....
Heeh.... Yupz! Couple shoes! :) We both like them! For one, they're comfy, second, they were a good buy and most importantly, they are the same!

Saturday, October 15, 2005


You must be wondering what's the cause for me blogging again in just a short time apart.
Well, just had some thoughts I had to get out of my head.
D just told me that his year end trip has been confirmed and fixed as a 2 week one. Though I had not been having much high hopes of it being cut short, I can't help being unable to hide my disappointment. And it doesn't help that its during the holiday season but then again that's not very important anymore.
Just as I was saying in my earlier entry about bus trips seeming to be faster when taken together, I am now wondering if time will pass slower or come to a standstill being apart.
December 14th looms ahead right now and I think time will fly head long at high speed towards it. :(
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder..well, while I find some truth in that, it doesn't seem to make it any easier.

-rolling drops of

Friday, October 14, 2005

Its Saturday! (Again!!)

Been rather busy at work with new projects coming and and also finishing up delayed work from my recent 3 day MC break. That explains the break from blogging even. And oh looky...its Saturday once again! Its scary how when you are running something on your own, everything just comes to a standstill when you're away from work and all the clients start to freak out. Geez....not good...
Well, but I am gald that I am up and about once again! But sad to say that the wretched cough is still around though. Darn it. I really hope to get well soon!
Tomorrow is my old friend, Jeanette's wedding day. Hrmz...let's see, I haven't attended a wedding in a long while now, and also looking forward to seeing her all pretty in her gown!
Oh, and this week, me and D have found a common route to get to work together in the mornings. This makes travelling to work together seem so much shorter and it cheers me a little especially on days which I am dreading to go to work! :) Heehee....

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Feeling much better!

Finally, after 3 days of feeling down in the dumps rottenly ill, I am finally feeling better today! (Beams a grin!) Except for my coughing that has not stopped yet. Can't wait for the phlegm factory to stop its production...eww, icky!
It was terrible. I think I have not been so ill in a long time. Spent almost 2 whole days in bed. And have not ventured out of my house for 3 days. My aching bones and eyes made me all grouchy and grumps. All I wanted to do was stay in bed and wrap myself up in my quilt and just snooze away. Heh...
I think I must have slept back all the hours of sleep that I've missed with my many late nights. Its strange how when you are ill, the more you sleep the more tired you feel and all that medication just adds to all that sleepiness. *Yawn*
Anyways, glad Momsy went on leave and nursed me back to my normal self and kept me company at home and D made evening visits when he got off work. :) Sweet..... Thanks! *Muacks!

Tomorrow, I will venture out and head back to work! Hope I won't fall asleep! :P

-just glad that I'm better...

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Down with some bug

Oh dear, I've fallen ill! Today's doodle of the day is exactly how I'm feeling right now.

Been lying in bed since I got back and dun really feel like getting up.
My head aches, its hot and my bones feel real brittle, like they're going to snap any minute! Urghs... >.<>
Hope I'll be better by tomorrow....stoopid bug be gone! Shoo......

-dozes back to dreamland