Monday, May 25, 2009

Have you seen this T-shirt???

I got to see my 'pirated' doodle t-shirt in church again when the girl who owned it wore it again last week and sat 2 rows in front of me!! Oh how i wished i could take out my cam and get a pic of it!! but the last time when i approached her to ask about where she got the 'offending' t-shirt from, I think i made her feel really awkward :( so i decided i would leave her alone and just fume about it from behind. *fume fume fume* (well, its no fault of hers as she totally had no idea that its a copied design.)

So anyways, if anyone of you does see a T-shirt out there with a pattern that looks like this, PLEASE... let me know ok? The color of the t shirt is something like this, but the line work is way thicker and blacker. :( (probably thickened to cover up the pixelation.)

Haiz, some people out there just have no ethics at all and snitch works/designs off the internet and reproduce them! :(

Little miss porkers

Its been almost 3 weeks since we boarded Pigmy at our place coz she's been put on several medications for fur-loss. :(
Well the furry one is doing better now, she's not as 'naked' anymore and is super greedy too! hehehe... here's some cute pics of her! :)

The Sleepy sleepy, but there's much to be eaten..."yawn... nom nom nom...."

Wheeek!! I'm well again and look... my fur's grown back! yay! XD pretty again! hehe!

Busy nom-ing away... so much to do, so much to eat... its hard being a piggy! :P

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

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Monday, May 04, 2009

Illustration Friday - Hierarchy

The higher the stack of pots, the higher the rank of 'plant terrorizer'. :P