Friday, July 29, 2005

Another mad day...but...

Oooh...had another mad day. Not sure if this is good or bad though...should I be complaning? Just wanna whine about it rather.... hehehe..... slept at 4am this morning, to rush out the NTU banners on time.

Today, David and Roy dropped by in the morning to visit the office. They are moving into their new one. Kinda envious, a teeny bit. Their company's now 2 years old and boy do they have some staff, a car and now a new office. Damn...and look at me here..... sigh.... oh, and they were telling me about the jack russell they have been keeping in their office. I WANT A DOG TOO!!! (hahahha... one day maybe I will have one!)

Came lunchtime, Serin called and later drove over to bring me out to lunch around the corner at Kent Road. (Serin's the sales person from a printing company.) How nice of her!! She wanted to keep me company a bit so I wouldn't be so bored. And also to make sure I had lunch. hahaha.... She told me she would be jumping companies soon. Says there's nothing more to learn so time to move on. But this might be good though. For my company too, coz over there would have more printing services available at this new place.

Right after lunch was my meeting with Janice. Phew...what a day! Had to listen to her (with another to-do list building...eeks) while balancing the submission of the NTU stuff over... not to mention that I had not yet started on the St. Anthony banners (that was at the back of my head all the time)....OMG.... I need another of me!
Anyway, as always when rusing work something's gotta go wrong. The exporting of the NTU files got screwed up and I spent another precious hour plus fixing it. By the time Janice went off i was still working on it. When I was finally done it was almost end of a working day and I was in no mood to work on St Anthony's stuff liao. So that was to be ta-pao for the night. Sigh...another sleepless night?? Geez... work on...

- Nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this hard...- Coldplay sings me into the night...

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Eeeks...what a crazed day!! Yups...real hectic one (Hence the red text..heheehehe)
Every client/customer is the same. They all say the same thing "My project/job is urgent!"
Yupz....anyway, when is it ever not urgent?? Like hello there... there's only one of me hor! So please cool it and wait can anot? Don't stress me...If i go 'ke-siao' then also cannot do your project.

Quite impressed with my multi-tasking abilities actually. * not shy hor* Actually ran 3 projects on going at the same time. And had all 3 clients calling and doing amendments one after the other. Golly! least it has been a productive day! Sigh...And look, its Thursday already! My 2 weeks of being lonesome is coming to an end!
Just finished 16 NTU web banners! Woohoo.... at least that clears some of the jobs for tomorrow. :) And now time for some well deserved rest! Nitez!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Sunday came and gone....

Damn it! It rained! Sentosa was all damp this morning. It was sunny for a bit when we got there then Mr. Sun did a 360 degree turn and went back to sleep while the rain clouds came out to play! Yes...a damp day! Darn it!

And today, we also got real bad service at KM8! Stoopid place! No, rather stoopid 'I-think-I-am-so-stylo' waiter!! Karen said if we were 'Ang-Mohs' it would have been a different story altogether and I totally agree with that! *tsk tsk* Made the day even more damp!

So we decided to get out of that lousy place and headed for Sunset Bay in search of sun and some better service. In the end we had lunch at Coastes. What a nice place...with friendly service too! The staff here, they smile at locals! (Haha...haven't got over KM8 yet...) We had a good QB Pizza, (its really yummy, with bacon slices on a crispy thin crust) and Hoegaarden to wash it down! A day saver despite a no-show by the sun! Will be back!

Went to Oakdale after Sentosa and helped out for some Neighbourhood Police Ad. And today, i found out that Meow Meow has a funny habit! Hahaha...she likes to sit in the sink and drink water from the tap! So cute! Imagine such a fat cat sitting in the sink! And slurping drops from the tap! *Here she is caught in the act! just slips by like that. And here am I wide awake, blogging and playing games in Hahahha... those Monday blues... feel them already.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

My Weekend

Went to the Fleamarket at Timberlux on Saturday. It wasn't as good as the previous one though....this time got less stalls. But still, I spent money! Yeah, found and got a nice French Kitty pin! Cute! Happy with it! :)

The rest of the day was spent toy hunting around Orchard for Benson's new craze...Bonboya-zyu.
In case you don't know...this is Bon! Another cute cat!But this was before he set his eyes on Cardboy....hahahaha.... (We shall save that for another day!)
It rained today. Wai Chin sms-ed from Sentosa and said it was pouring over there. Eeeks! Sure hope it doesn't tomorrow!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Its Day Four

Finally....the weekend is round the corner! And this marks my 1st week of being alone here in office. I've just got another week to go. It all seems really fast. Scary how time juzt flies by isn't it? Guess its partly coz my week has been a busy one with customers/clients relentlessly dumping work on me. Hahaha.... I can't complain though. At least they helped my time to pass faster will bring in $$$. (Wish I was raking in big bucks though!! Pity...damn it!)

Visited Oakdale yesterday. Juz love the 3 kitty cats there! Wish I had one here with me too. Here's a pic of the fattest one of the lot! Hahahaha....she as shapely as a sack of potatoes! And she can sit up too....Hahahaha...which makes her look even fatter! Wonder what Karen has been feeding them?? Any fatter and she will look like Totoro! :P So cute!

And....Looky boys and girls!! This weekend is Fleamarket weekend!!! Yays! Dun cha juz lurve them fleamarkets? Dun 'cha dun 'cha?? Hahahaha.....Bring out your money bags coz we're heading down to Timberlux! Sad to say though, juz when I was all hyped about having another fleamarket stall....sigh...all possible co-stall holders are out of town! Just Great!! Joanne in Shanghai, Denise will be in Malacca. (Geez...when do I get to go out of town!!?? My turn, my turn pls!!!) Anyhows, I'll still be going, but to spend this time....:P Hehehe...

" So how Benson? On anot? :P "

Monday, July 18, 2005

Eeee yer...its Monday....

Oh damn...its monday! Yuckies!
Fell asleep at about about 1am and woke up at 4! And it seems I can't get back to sleep. Damn!
Today will be the start of my 2weeks alone in the office :(
2 weeks dun sound very long but I guess its going to crawl by. Those of you who know me probably know I hate being alone. Dun like it when i have no one to talk too. 2 weeks somemore! Oh man....
Sure hope it passes fast and Emoxis (Mark, Joanne and Tang Qian) will be back.
Karen says I can drop by at Oakdale if I want to. (How nice of her! And I must say it sounds inviting! heehee...)
Anyway, decided to meet dreaded Monday with a fabulous Sentosa Sunday. With all the past gloomy rainy days we've been having, I must say the clouds have been good to me! Sunday morning started out gloomy, (which kinda made me xian) when i rolled out of bed. But the sun peeked out from those grey skies and hope was in the air!! Sentosa here I come!
Met Denise and Benson for my favourite MacDonald's Breakfast (YUMS! Why dun they make breakfast available add-day?) before heading out to hit the beach!
-Here's a picture of Tanjong Beach. Nice weather we had-
- This is Wilson. Deinse found him bobbing around the lagoon and he joined us for the rest of the day. Decided to let him go on his way when we called it a day. (With a send-off by Benson!)
"Hey Wilson, its was fun...haha...maybe we'll see you again someday!"

Had a great day, great weather, not too sunny, good breeze high tide and great waves. (which were a little scary at first :S)
We built sandcastles, then watched them get washed away by the invading waves, played with 'Wilson' (Hahaha!) and ooh-ed n ahh-ed at the many cute doggies roaming around having as much fun as we were.
Oh, and I had my first manicure done on a beach! Haha...Thanks Benson! :D
(I am now admiring my nicely buffered nails!)

Ended the day at Esplanade and caught what was left of BayBeats. (We watched Concave Scream perform on the outdoor stage) Overall, I had a great day!
Sun-kissed again!

Sigh, now Monday here I come...!

-the birds are starting to chirp, sun will be out soon, but my eyes are still wide open-

Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Pink Box

Hello! And welcome to your first peek into The Pink Box!
Well, actually really signed on because my sis has got an account and I need one to post replies to her blog. Haha...never thought I'd have a blog actually. And look, now I even have 2!
Here's my other blog on Friendster:

So, what do you wanna know about me? Ok, hrmz...some stuff about me:

• I'm a graphic designer and part time zoo keeper to my cute furry zoo citizens at home.

• Citizens in my zoo: One rabbit(yes, the fat one there in the picture standing by his food bowl!), 3 Guines pigs and one block resident kitty! They keep me happy and going! (Though I don't always feel this way...especially when they mess up their enclosures when I've just cleaned them! Arghh...) You will see more pictures of them soon!
• What do I like doing you ask? Erm...lots...Illustrating, doodling, photography, baking, yoga, jewellery making, reading mags, shopping, bumming, web-surfing and maybe, just maybe...blogging? Hahaa...that's a lot of things you say? Yes.. it is...24 hrs a day is not enough for me! much to do, so little time. Don't you think?
• I like my job. I like what I am doing. Get to create and also destroy! Hahaha... Just that sometimes I get my lousy days too. know, days when everything goes wrong. And I just wanna go home climb into my bed and hide! *gumble mum
ble grumble*

Anyways, do check back once in a while and I'll be sharing my thoughts and moods (like nagging, grumbling, mumbling and being hyper!) And maybe, you can nag, grumble, mumble and be hyper with me too!