Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Illustration Friday-Climbing

The creepers grew and grew, climbing all over the garden wall.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cookies! :)

Its been a long time since I last baked, and over the weekend while i was cleaning my bookshelf, I saw my 500 cookies book and knew I just had to make something! :)

And I picked the white choc chip and cranberry cookie to make....
my baking skills are a slight bit rusty(was a bit slow and goofed up with the timing) but i guess with a bit more polishing up they'd be ok!

Yummy! :)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Holidays holidays holidays

Wooo been caught up in the holiday mood recently, which explains my lack of postings here! :P
Well, I'm back... and about to post about... what else but another holiday!
One that's coming up pretty much soon.
The Lunar New Year, or some call it Chinese New Year.
This holiday mood is felt once the Xmas decorations are taken down and get replaced with red flowers, crackers and mascots of the year's zodiac animal. (this year being the ox) Shops start playing traditional Chinese new year music (which is like Xmas carols but, on a whole different twist! The songs are filled with lots of 'Dong' and 'Chang' sounds, which I can't really stand! hurhur)
So anyways, made an early trip down to Chinatown (to avoid the crowds) for a look see, and soak in more holiday cheer... Chinese New Year is about 2 and a half weeks away, and at the speed time passes, it'll be here in no time!
For those of you who dun celebrate this occasion or dun have a Chinatown where you are, here's a peak into one! :) Enjoy!

Here's a stall selling Chinese paper cuttings. They are really pretty and intricate. :)

Chinese knot tassels... you can hang these on your floral arrangements or anywhere around the house.

Cherry blossoms are a popular flower to decorate your house with during the festive season as it represent Spring.

Brocade ox plush! These are so cute I had to get a pair! :) they are holding onto to little stuffed gold bags.

This shop house in Chinatown has been all decorated for the occasion.

Many different varieties of melon seeds. One of the auspicious tidbits to serve when guests and relatives visit your home.

The great wall of sweets! Hahaha! :) Sweets are also an auspicious tidbit to serve.

The Chinese New Year is kinda like Xmas, whereby you stuff all your guests silly with lots and lota of goodies. These are sweet and savory cookies. These red capped containers of various tidbits are a popular sight during Chinese new year too.

Everyone is busy buying decorations and ornaments to decorate their homes for the festive mood.

These candied dried fruit are a rather traditional auspicious tidbit. Sweet things generally symbolize the sweetness of life.

Red packs with various kinds of ox mascots on them! Red packets are one of the highlights of the Chinese new year, especially for kids! These contain money which are handed out to children or adults who are not married yet. I'll miss receiving these now that I'm married... in fact, I've now become one of the distributors of these! HAhaha :P