Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Day 4

We went to Roppongi Hills yesterday and got to visit the Mori Art Museum and also the Tokyo City view. The night view was fabulous...!!

Tokyo Tower in the evening

This road leads into Shibuya. Its the busiest and brightest road visible from the tower.
And of coz... Not forgetting day 4's loot! heehehehe! :P

Monday, October 29, 2007

Day 3

Today we did loads of walking! Hehehe...
We had our first picnic in a park.
The Inokashira Park (and its a very nice park I must say!! :P)

After that we took a walk down to the Ghibli Museum. :)
That's a nice place too... really admire Hayao Miyazaki's talent.

The place has a slightly enchanted feel to it, wih small doors and birdcage like spiral stairs. Pity they dun allow cameras within the museum. :(

And finally, a look at day 3's shopping loot! :P

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Shopping Day 1 n 2

Here's a look at our shopping for the last two days. :P
Day 2 less, coz its our excursion day. Went to a park and a viewing tower. :)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Flight to Tokyo

Our flight to Tokyo seemed like a real long one.
As we were on a Cathay Pacific flight, we had a transit flight at Hong Kong then on to Tokyo.
But when our plane got to Hong kong, it was like a car in a full shopping centre car park, going round and round. I was even wondering if there was no available gates or what.:(
As a result, we reached our boarding gate to Tokyo just in time. Its was last call already, so= no time to go toilet 1st! :( boohoo...
So we got on the plane and were got seated. I was by the window seat as usual :)
but that also meant a hard time getting out. :S
The flight to Tokyo had lots of turbulence. So the seat belt sign was on most of the time, which meant we had to stay in our seats. And in the meantime, my bladder was filling up :( It was a 3 1/2 hour flight and for the last hour, it seemed like an eternity!! I tried getting up to go to the loo but was told to go back to my seat. :S boohoo*
But the thought of getting to Tokyo kept me excited and happy... hahhahha...
This is a bit blur coz I used my HP. I'll post a better one when I get back!:P

It was great when we finally reached! I was happy for both being in Tokyo and getting to a loo! :P
It was great having my sister as a guide too. Imagine... a singaporean tour guide, giving us directions while she's in Melbourne?!? Hahhahaa... pretty accurate directions even! And with that we managed to get to our hotel! (the good thing we picked the same hotel as her when she came here the last time..hehhe)
Okies, so its off to explore now, in cold, rainy Tokyo. I'll post more pictures when we get back. Hopefully we would have did some shopping, or at least bought 1 thing...hhaha!(coz the shops were closed by the tme we got here last night):P

Monday, October 22, 2007

Illustration Friday- Grow

How does your garden grow? :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Inspired to cook

Hehhehe.. after enjoying my good lunch yesterday, I was inspired to cook dinner! :P
So i invented these 2 dishes on my way home.

Chai Poh and Egg Fettuccine

Seafood and Bacon Salad

I thought both turned out rather good, but I think I'll improve and try out on the Chai Poh and Egg Fettuccine recipe some more!(needs some tweaking)
See what a good lunch can do for you! Hehehhe

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lunch at Turquoise Room

We celebrated Karen's birthday with a yummy lunch at Turquoise Room.
A first visit for me, and probably not the last! :P
The food was good and not to mention the service that was just as good.
The nice rustic ambiance enhances the whole experience.
Good food, good service and good company!:)

Here's a look at the restaurant

The half mushroom eggplant pizza and half sundried tomato pizza

Yummy crab meat pasta! *slurp

Squid salad... a new creation of theirs. And a yummy one too!

Parma & porcini pizza... I'm stuffed! :P

Another view of Turquoise room.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Mr Tang, he sang!

Mr Tang sang for our wedding after his speech!
Hahaha... I think he must have got a kick out of it and enjoyed himself. :P
And no, he had not even started drinking yet!
But anyway, it was a sweet surprise from him. :)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

After the big day

Here's some pictures from our AD i took with my HP. Pardon the quality... will upload some better ones I managed to get from others. :)
The day came and passed in a blur. I think we both had fun though it was a real tiring day. So glad we had great weather too! :)

Our super cute bridal car! :) hehhe

Here's a look at the sitting room area in the suite

Bed in our suite was done up. What a nice surprise :)

The suite comes with a jacuzzi which had another surprise for us. heheh

We got a very nice view of Clarke Quay from our room.

Welcome chocolates laid out for us which we did not get to eat, but everyone else that came did. HAhahha!

A portion of wedding cake that was sent up to our room after the wedding dinner.