Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Prayer for Fleur

I came across Fleur's blog sometime ago and after a while, we communicated by visiting/leaving comments on each others' blogs.
Fleur is a brave lady (although sometimes she does not admit it) who is fighting cancer. Off late, she had not been updating her blog and this got quite a few readers worried and we soon found out that she wasn't doing too well as her liver had failed to function.
But her family has said that she is still fighting on.

They have requested prayers for her today, Psalm 23 at 9pm.
I'm praying for God to give her strength during this difficult time... join me!

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Is this the one?

I reading this on this little girl name Charmaine..she has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Her story was brought up on The New paper. The treatment is expensive,think only can treat in NY. Somehow alot of ppl help to raise funds for her to go NY to cure the disease.