Saturday, March 20, 2010

Canvas Print

I recently managed to get a giclée print of one of my doodles done! :)
I'm really glad with how it turned out... yay!

Here's sam... I somehow thinks he looks like a guard at the museum here!


Bella Sinclair said...


Awww, Samuel's sitting up and so happy! Can I hold him, please? Pretty please??? I want to pinch his adorable cheeks!

And WHOA, that print is AWESOME! Wow, it's really big and looks super duper fabulous! The color is wonderful. What a great wall print!

aimee said...

hi shugar! your little guy is sooooo cute and he looks exactly like an art museum guard next to that gorgeous giclee of yours!

Rhea said...


Ces said...

The giclee is great but Sam is fabulous!

Shugar said...

Thanks Ces! :)